This is not related to anything in this post. It my favorite picture from the annual architecture formal held at the end of each year.
Just enjoy it. I do. 

Today was the first day I didn't take a wrong turn or get lost, which is a big deal. Actually, no sarcasm at all. I have gotten so lost, and taken so many wrong turns and believe me when I say when you take a wrong turn in Colorado it is not easy to find your way back.

Here are a few of the scenarios in which I took wrong turns:
-You might just end up on a strip of highway in which the next exit isn't for several miles.
-Or maybe you end up on a back road that takes you into a forest.
-Or a mountain.
-Or you can't find your way out of one of the (many) strip mall parking lots.
-You might even end up on an Air Force Base!
Not even a joke. So the fact that today I DID NOT get lost is a pretty big deal.

But anyways, I bet you're sitting at home stewing over the question, "What exactly IS Dillon doing in Colorado this summer?" And I think I finally have an acceptable answer because to be honest before I left I didn't really know what I was going to be doing either.

So here is another list that contains things that I have done so far at work as an architectural intern:
-Took a sketched floor plan and recreated it digitally, consequentially having to learn a new computer program and also about how to size door jambs.
-Redesigned an entryway for a home in Florida and then made the construction documents for it so I guess that's the first thing that I've produced that is actually going to get built which is weird to think about.
-Adapted a concept sketch of a new entryway to a commercial building with 3D modeling
-My current assignment is to take a basic floorplan for a custom home and do all the construction documents for it.
-Also went out to lunch with the firm (4 people including me) for a coworkers birthday and over-analysed the patio trellis whilst eating delicious food and enjoying local microbrewery beer (that turns out that the firm I'm at designed an addition to.)

Today was my fourth day.

I don't feel so lost anymore.
Natalie said...

Us folks at home WERE wondering what Dillon was doing in Colorado. That sounds pretty awesome though. Only four days in and you've already made an ENTRYWAY. Like, WHAT.

Just don't accidentally take a wrong turn off onto a sketchy road where your car breaks down and then it turns into a horror movie. Also, I WANNA COME VISIT YOU AND HAVE COLORADO ADVENTURES TOO ugh whatever fine I guess I will have responsibilities.

Lizzie said...

Congrats on not getting lost. I know how that feels. Pretty soon people will mistake you for a local.

Also, could you redesign my entire house in Florida? Okay, cool, thanks.

Kaylie said...

THIS IS BEYOND EXCITING. All of this sounds so perfect for you. You are well on your way to your well-designed dreams!

Also, that picture!! It looks like it should be a promo for Gossip Girl, but better.

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