Sometime Around Midnight

Here's the thing about moving somewhere for 11 weeks; you're temporary. The people around you have been situated in their lives for years now, established friends, family, locations, plans. I want to get to know people, make friends, make plans, but it's difficult for me to get past the idea that I've been temporarily placed into the daily routine of someone else, and that when I'm gone in 6 weeks it will go back to how it was. I'm sure someone might reference summer camp, where after a week of frolicking with a stranger you've become the best of friends, but working full-time isn't the same - there aren't other interns in my same position. My coworkers and boss and their families are great, but I'm not going to beg them to hang out with me because they already have their own thing going for them. I'm not going to go out to bars every night to meet people (is that where you meet people?) because I'll soon be gone.

It's a good thing dogs don't care about that kind of stuff.

Natalie said...

YOU CAN JUST BE FRIENDS WITH THE DOGGY. He or she looks adorable and fluffy and nice. But yeah, though my position is definitely different than yours and not as extreme as full time job in state I've never been, but I still feel you on the temporary-ness of it all. And at least you have the power of the blogfam coming to you soon enough!

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