Yesterday I made it to Colorado after 10 hour day of driving. And then I kind of got lost and still didn't have a place to live. You know, casual things. 

I was beat out to several apartments for rent by other people who just happened to get there before me, so that sucked, but as of now I'm staying with the family that owns the firm I'm working for. While an incredibly nice gesture that I'm indebted to them for, I really can't stay with them the entire summer - despite them telling me that I can... 

But hey, I started my first day of work today. And was immediately put to work. I don't really know what I expected. maybe a casual first day where I had time to you know, eat lunch, or whatever. After an hour of learning some basics I was put to work drafting a plan of a custom home. Apparently I came at a really busy time for them, so there will be lots of work to do in the upcoming weeks. It's a good thing I guess. I just need to get in the swing of having an office job.

It's been an overwhelming past three days and I don't think I can feel like I can slow down and rest until I'm NOT living out of my car.

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