Gobble Gobble

It snowed. Sure it's late November now, but it finally snowed.

I am flooded with nostalgia. The past few weeks have been full of new experiences and  inspiring moments. I went to MASS MoCA - the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art - the other weekend with some friends and one of our professors 'chaperoned' us. Except what I didn't know was that he had work exhibited at the museum, and he knew most of the artists who had exhibitions and was able to describe the thought process behind such contemporary art. One of my favorite exhibits was the collective work of Sol LeWitt. He produces huge paintings by writing a set of instructions for someone else to follow, and the end product are these monolithic wall paintings that are just fantastic to experience.

I have also asked my grandparents if they would be willing to fly me out to visit them during my spring break next year. So guess who is going to Phoenix in March! I'm so excited to see them, and to be able to visit Amy. But, part of the reason I had wanted to visit them was also to visit one of my friends who goes to school in San Diego, and I'll be spending a few days with her too. It's going to be an amazing spring break.

I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday in New York City. It's so kitschy to be there for the holiday but it's also one of those once-in-a-lifetime thing so I tried to experience as much as I could. The Macy's Day Parade, Black Friday on 5th ave, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the holiday market in Union Square which is basically a street fair dedicated to Christmas. (File under: things I am definitely okay with.) My friends and I did a contemporary take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal by making turkey burgers and fixing them up with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce - which is actually kind of delicious. I'm thankful to have found friends to share the holiday with.

Side note: hibiscus margarita.

Second side note: I vehemently despise Tuxedo, New York. But that's another story. 
Natalie said...


Oh my gosh, I bet Black Friday on Fifth Avenue was quite the experience. I would be very afraid.

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