The Weekend Came

What a week it has been! Unnecessarily stressful, really.
Over the course of it I have run into some things online that I have been saving and decided to share.

I actually made the image above... Couldn't be possible without this guy and his processing software!

Make your own bagels

Interesting recipe... one pan pasta

And finish off the meal with a chocolate chip cookie kahlua milkshake

While we are discussing alcohol, check out these diagrams explaining wine

This dog is more fashionable than you are

8-Bit Architects make me laugh

How to take photos at parties

After trying an earl grey cookie at the wine bar I want to try and make some...

Thinking about the holidays already? Love Star Wars? You want these

The perfect night alone

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

▲my• said...

I love the photo suggestion post on cup of jo!

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