An expensive weekend

I love the way that the setting sun lights up a city. Every building has the shadow of the building in front cast upon it, the angular geometries of the skyline become intensified, and the sea of skyscrapers before you become spectacular to look at.

I spent Friday night and most of the day Saturday in New York City for a "field trip" to meet up with a professor at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art along with some of my friends in the school of Architecture. The Le Corbusier exhibit that we went specifically to see was fantastic to say the least; it was amazing to see all of the work of one of the architects who defined what modern architecture is today. The museum is six stories of wonderful art and I only really got to experience about 4 of them, but it is somewhere I will definitely return to once a new exhibit is set up.

We also went to the Guggenheim which is a spectacular building, but the amount of work that was inside was lacking, and the featured artist really didn't do much for me, besides the lobby installation which mesmerizing. The rest of the time spent there we were with our other friends who are spending a semester studying in the city, the most of the time we spent together was at restaurants, which would have been fine if the service wasn't so poor and the food so expensive.

And even though I spent far too much money, I'll be back soon enough.

Kaylie said...

Well, your weekend definitely looks like it was worth the expenses. I'd love to see these buildings in person! Someday.

Lunchbox Lab was great! The vibe is really fun. One of our housemates is actually from Seattle and her dad is in the restaurant business and helped them get established, so we took her recommendation! We tried the Dork burger (duck and pork) and the Burger of the Gods. Delicious. I need to add that to the post... How could I not mention a dork burger? Shame on me.

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