It's not until you have to figure out what kind of light bulbs to get to replace the burnt out ones throughout your abode that you feel like you're living somewhere for the long haul.
And it doesn't really feel like home yet, but it will soon.

It took the majority of a day to travel across the country, again, and the rest of the day to unpack. I was lucky enough to just buy off the furniture in my room for a low cost because I knew who lived here before me, and they left everything. Like, three bookshelves (all different sizes), a dresser, desk, bed frame and mattresses, bedside table, and another mini dresser. So I took it all out, rearranged it and only kept what I needed, and moved the rest out - leaving me with the bed, the black dresser and desk, and two white bookshelves.

Now, here's the fun part; the rest of the week before classes start will be spent making it feel like my room.

 -the big white bookcase blends in too much so I'm going to paint the backing of it a dark grey
- i'd like to find a thrift or vintage store to get a few interesting pieces, specifically something I can use for a trash bin, lamp, and wooden picture frames to hang things in
- i'll arrange and hang all of my prints and the cool clock my mom got me from ikea
- and a chair for my desk. don't have one of those as of now either
- i feel like a rug would make it feel more cozy, but I definitely wont get one unless it's cheap and I love it
- maybe over a long weekend i'll do this or this project for a tufted headboard because I need a headboard

So far my color theme is just black, white, and grey - what color should I do a headboard in?
shelbyisms said...

Grey. Always grey. White will get dirty and black will get dusty. If you live near a Hobby Lobby (although I'm not sure that anyone other than the south has these), there's a great velvet pseudo-suede/velvet that is only $18/yard [it's upholstery fabric], and you can get it half off all the time, which means you'll only need about $20 in fabric! I LOVE PROJECTS. Also, we're doing the LGN headboard, too, so let's bond.

lina said...

i love the idea of house/room projects! i'm excited to see your finished room : ) also, listen to shelby! she knows what she's doing - queen of projects!

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