Do It Myself?

Today marks the two weeks that I have left here in Seattle before I fly back to New York for another year at school. But this year will be a very different year than those in the past. One, because I will be living in an apartment (with 2 girls nonetheless) and two, I will not be swimming competitively for the first time since elementary school. Here we have a general jumble of items that have caught my eye recently; some being things I may purchase and some being future long weekend projects.

In my new place one of the perks is having a bedroom all to myself. Since I can't paint (or rather, haven't asked the landlord and don't really want to) I plan on doing a focal wall consisting of a variation of frame styles all tied together with the same color or something along those lines. There are already a stack of prints and pictures I want to put up, and another DIY poster up my sleeve. I also have a terrarium kit from Lina that I intend on finally putting to use.

Eventually I'd like to purchase a wingback chair, either on sale somewhere or get a second hand one for cheap and reupholster it myself. I have a few other small projects I'd like to attempt; like a mat made of branches cut so you can see the inner rings, or making a pillow using a fabric of my choice. A Beautiful Mess has hooked me in recently and ever since then I've been fantasizing about how much fun it could be to do a bunch of projects by hand to have in your home.

Because lets be honest, my room, my solitude, should be somewhere I want to end up at the end of a long day.

Natalie said...

The last sentence is very accurate.

I know I say this every time you mention your future living space but I cannot wait to see how goddamn classy it is with its freaking wingback chair.

lina said...

ahhh...i love this post too...& the terrarium! love love. send me a photo once you put the one i sent you together!

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