One of those days


It has taken far too long for my summer to actually feel like summer, but huzzah it has arrived. Last night was the first true sit-around-the-bonfire-and-exchange-stories with close friends, make s'mores, and playing the traditional "chubby bunny" and laughing the whole time. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the summer schedule at the pool, and the day after I go to Hawaii. I just got tickets to go to a baseball game with my closest friends Erica and Kristy, and Maggie continues to find reasons why I should visit her on Bainbridge (it's no fair that she knows my kryptonite; desserts.) Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. 

The last few weeks have been occupied with the antics of my sister's high school graduation and catching up with my family.  In addition to the ceremony and the open house we held, we had our pictures done as a whole family by a local photographer and we're pretty adorable. My mom's side of the family (my grandma, great aunt, and great grandma) love to shop so whenever they went out I joined them so that I could spent time with them. They spoil me rotten. It's pretty awesome. One of the things I got when we were out were these pants, and even though they are an obnoxious color they were only ten dollars and are really quite comfortable to wear. (Yes, I am drinking Starbucks.)

In closing, in approximately a month I will be in Austin seeing some of my favorite people in the world for another blogger meet-up and the anticipation is killing me. 
I can't wait to be infected by the heat of Texas. 

<<wearing: clark desert boots> <laces from j.crew> <pants hawking mcgill from urban outfiters> 
<polo by j.crew> <tortoise glasses from nordstrom>>
shelbyisms said...

I just remembered that weird whisper thing I do and I AM SO STOKED TO SEE YOU!

Maggie Shirley said...

That first picture is great. Also, Shelby's weird whisper thing—oh my gosh. Cannot wait to see all of you. <3

Natalie said...

It's almost like you're a really suave surfer in the first photo or something.

I would say that, from what I've seen, I can vouch for the adorableness of your family.


Lizzi said...

I feel like you just stole those pictures out of GQ. Dillon, you are too cool.

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