So much can happen in a week.

You can realize how close of friends you've made in the past year and a half. You can realize you are a part of something important. Something that benefits the community, and something that benefits you. You have the ability to experience all types of things - like sledding down a hill on a sheet of plastic, listening to Walk The Moon obsessively,  seeing the lightheartedness that people can maintain in the most difficult of times, and to mend broken relationships. To experience the generosity of those you know, and from complete strangers. You can receive confirmations. You can reconnect with a far away friend through good old fashioned snail mail. You might have to make some important decisions, like which minor is right for you and your future career. Even stumble upon another firm to apply for an internship for next year. You can study for hours and reward yourself with an episode of a t.v. show of your choice. You might realize that somebody needs a pick me up, and you should probably do that for them because, why the hell not. You change your watch strap because you realize that change happens, and sometimes change should happen, and it will all be for the best.

Seriously, a lot can happen in a week.
You just need to experience it as it happens.

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