What. A. Week.

Sure it's only Thursday night, but the last couple of days have been long enough to count for an entire week. Today marked the due date of our giant quarter scaled model (which means one inch of our model equals four feet on the real building proposal) and ours just ended up being massive. Like 4 feet tall and wide and it was just a massive piece of model. That took several days worth of work to complete. And I got a bit dirty in the process. And the only thing I listened to was Woodkids' new album The Golden Age.

In addition to that I've been selected to have my project from last semester get sent somewhere to be built on a 3-D printer and it's going to be in an exhibition in a museum, as well as published in a book that our school made. So on Wednesday I had to go to a meeting where we were supposed to fix our models but instead I had to run to the pool to have an end of the season meeting with the coaches who are still unhappy with me. So it went like this:
Coach: "Are you still as miserable as you were the last few months of swimming?" (I was really miserable, I legitimately thought I had depression, went to talk to a psychologist who just told me that maybe I had unreasonable expectations of everything in my life, and of course that's true but why is it just getting to me now, and it seemed to sprout from swimming.)
Me: "No."
Assistant Coach that I like: (under his breath) "Because he's not swimming anymore."
Coach: "Well I don't really know if I want you back next year. I feel like I can't trust you after you ripped me apart during our meeting in February (this is true, but it was completely professional, she just hates having peoples opinions told to her that she doesn't agree with) so I'm going to have to rethink somethings before I decide."
Me: "Um... Okay." (I don't actually remember what I said to that but you can't really respond to that to much.)
Anyways, it's clear we can't work together because she is emotionally vulnerable and has never had anyone tell her that they disagree with her, and if they do, they get kicked off. I love the team and they love me and actually most of the team wants me to be captain, but the coach rarely does whats best for the team, only what is best for her.
So that was fun.

Last weekend I attended a swim team formal that I helped organize and set up, which was a blast, but there isn't much to say about that besides the fact that I finally got to wear the bowtie that Ben and Eva got me for Christmas. Bulls and Bear for the win.

Tomorrow we are getting recruits for the swim team which means team bonding activities (sarcastic enthusiasm inserted here.) But it should be fun to get away from studio and all the drama that happens there. I'll save that for another post.
Saturday I volunteered to give tours and talk with prospective students at out accepted students day, which I'm very excited about.

In other news I'm thinking about applying to work as a part time intern at any one of a local design magazine this summer. Seems like a cool gig.

I hope you enjoyed that disjunct, out of chronological order description of my past week.
shelbyisms said...

Swim coach sounds like a diva beotch, and I dig your bowtie. I think you're great.

Natalie said...

The down n' dirty work for the model definitely looks like it paid off, and the fact that your project was selected for all of those awesome things would deserve a major 'congrats bro' if I was a bro. But I guess even though I am not a bro and you are not a bro, both of us can still be bros of each other? Right? I don't know.

Anyway. I agree with Shelby's description of the swim coach. And your bow tie is fantastic. Totally crept on those Facebook photos, obviously. SO SNAZZY.

mayte. said...

*agrees with school psychologist*

that model is fantastic and the swim coach doesn't sound fun. you'd think someone in her position would be able to understand her swimmers instead of being selfish.

I hope you're doing well.

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