Take These Thoughts

It's too often I find myself lost in my own head and struggling to find a way out. But every so often, there's just a little thing that keeps me going. One of the best feelings is having someone offer to do something for you, or get something for you, just because they can. A lot of people find this senseless - whats the point in doing it if you don't have to? I think we should look at it the other way around - if you can do it then why don't you?

Too often I get the urge to write out what I'm thinking, feeling, remembering, whatever, especially when a new emotion rises up out of casual communication. What triggered this was having my roommate ask if it would be okay if his mom would bring us breakfast tomorrow morning (because his family lives 20 minutes away and we needed to get breakfast before our swim meet but dining halls wont be open). It's just really nice having people who do that. Another one of my friends mom keeps inviting me over for Thanksgiving, which just feels so nice considering I can't go home.

Maybe it's just me, and the distance that has separated me from those who were closest, but an outstretched hand causes my heart to swell up just a little, and it puts a smile on my face.
There was one time Adam left me Vitamin Water and a note saying how much he appreciated our friendship. It was sitting on my desk as I get back from a late night in studio, and he will probably never know how much it meant to me. The card Kelsey gave me for my Birthday giving similar sentiments and a copy of The Great Gatsby was fantastic. I hope she reads this because I love her to death. My future roomates surprised me with a peppermint mocha and a chocolate croissant last weekend, just because they were out and had thought of me.

There is a theory that states birthday presents were given as a method to ward off evil spirits on the day of ones birth, and although these undertones are gone, the tradition continues. Sometimes I feel like gifts, whether on your birthday or not can ward off the evil spirits that inhabit your soul, and those that lurk in the back of your mind. How arbitrary a thought can be to one, and so significant to another.
Make it a goal this week to do at least one nice thing, just because you can, to someone you care about. It's easy for you, and will make a world of difference to them.
Kayleigh said...

Beautiful post. It's not just you, I think everyone likes to be shown kindness, but sometimes if you're the one showing it, it can be hard to see how much it means to someone else.
I am glad you're finding joy. I think I will go ahead and try to do something nice for someone. I've been working on a gift for Amy for a very long time. It's probably time I buckle down and finish it.

Natalie said...

Yeah. It's funny that the little seemingly inconsequential things that you wouldn't really think would have much of an effect on your overall happiness... they really do count. A lot. You have so many people that care about you and that's always a wonderful thing to be reminded of.

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