The Dream of the 90's is still alive

I recently ran across an assignment I filled out as an 8 year old about what I wanted to be in 20 years.
16 years later, and a surprising number of those things managed to work out. Somehow, even as a child I aspired to design, and I wrote to my future self hoping that's what I would be doing then. Young me also wanted future me to still like chocolate and peanut butter though so my standards are all over the place.

I guess it's not an issue that I haven't changed that much, but there are so many new things that it's hard to feel like you're not missing out on them while you're moving through life. I haven't taken a day off from work for fun since March, so I took a day and Shane and I spent some time in Portland. I'm ready for a vacation, I'm ready for something new. Maybe something a little different than the 8 year-old version of myself might have had in store for me.

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