Building a new bedroom

One of the best things about moving (because let's be real, moving is a hassle) and living in a new space is the "restart". There's a weight that's lifted from getting rid of the clutter of things you haven't used in years, worn in months, or never anticipated seeing again. With all of the removal comes a handful of "new" things as well. For me, it was a new bed, a new mattress, and a new neighborhood.

The space I moved into is on the opposite side of Seattle from where I've lived my entire life and is a bit of unknown territory quite honestly. That being said, it's been a fresh start of sorts. Weekends consist of trying to find new bars, restaurants, and coffee shops with friends and roommates. There's a lake with a great running path around it not too far away, and of course, the city is as close as it's ever been to me.

A lot of the pieces I used to put together in my bedroom have been collected throughout the years. Some are keepsakes, others purchased on trips, and more often than not I probably bought at a thrift store or yard sale years ago and kept for this purpose. There's a copper mug in one of the photos below that I may or may not have taken from a bar without asking because I liked it. (Don't try that at home kids.) I've been saving up these little photos I got printed from Instagram and finally got to use them above my bed, always a reminder of the great time's I've had and the more that will inevitably come. Right now my books are in a state of disarray, but hopefully, that will be remedied soon!

Products //Bed: West Elm // Comforter: Brooklinen // Pink Pillowcases: Parachute // Leather Chair: Yard sale // Side Table: Grandfathers // Plant & Pot: IKEA // Geese Bookends: Vintage store in Austin // Lamp: Target // Dresser: Thrift store, refurbished // Cowhide Rug: IKEA //

Maggie Shirley said...

Love the gray walls and also everything else. The #aesthetic is strong. (Also, I SEE ME.)

Matthew Pike said...

Glad to hear that you're settling it and exploring the new area. Nice to get rid but I agree, what a stress!

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