February Goals

As I become adjusted to my new schedule in a new home in a different part of town, the days, weeks -and this past month- have seemed to fly by. At times it seems like a lot is happening and others it feels like there’s nothing to do. While there are many ways to hold oneself accountable I’ve seen others (a.k.a. Maggie) do a monthly goal list with some shorter term tasks which I’m going to attempt to do this year. So for February, here’s what I’d like to accomplish:

Pick out paint color and complete accent wall for living room 
The landlord of my new place has allowed us to paint our rooms and it seems likely that he’ll allow us to paint our living spaces as well. Currently, a shade of green that can only be described as ‘institutional’ covers our rather large living space except for the one wall with original dark wood paneling. It’s very lovely. So this upcoming month I’d like to figure out a nice color to update the space with to make it our own. That, and a paper installation concept to cover up those wood panels has been floating around my head….

Continue to read 3 books a month

I managed to read three books in January, and it felt really nice to take a break from television and movies and social media and just get lost in words. I have a literal pile of unread books on my floor (yeah I’ll buy a shelf soon relax people) and managed to get through Will Grayson Will Grayson, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

Draft travel fellowship
Every January the Seattle branch of the American Institute of Architects offers a traveling fellowship to a deserving applicant. I wasn’t able to get one together in time for this round of submissions but next year I’d like to be prepared to try my luck. This month I want to draft out a plan for traveling and get all of my ideas on paper to move forward in the following months.

Listen to one Archipelago podcast a week and write a response
As I dive headfirst into publishing and editing an architecture magazine for my firm, now’s the time to refine my academic writing and find a unique journalistic perspective. A podcast run by the author of The Funambulist initiates discussions on design with individuals who have a very focused interest. Each time I listen I get lost in the theories and end up with a page of notes filled with interesting things mentioned or my own reactions to what is being said. I plan on setting aside a bit of time to absorb the conversation and write a coherent response. It may or may not get posted on here. Too soon to tell.

Okay folks, come March I’ll report back on these tasks and have a new set to complete. Do you have any advice on how to hold yourself accountable for your goals? Let me know!
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