This entire summer I have been trying to find a cap to replace the ratty blue cap I've had for ages. I stumbled upon Ebbets Field Flannels which has a lot of unique, well-made products - and is actually based out of my beloved Seattle!

For some reason, everyone in the Pacific Northwest gets really into local sports teams, even if they are absolutely terrible. With the Seattle Mariners, this is also true, but it doesn't stop me from going to a game every season! A week from today I need to rep my local team so I'll probably get one of these caps based off of designs from 1955 and 1938. If those don't work I also really like this retro logo from the 70's that has come back.

Matthew Pike said...

Love both of those, but the '55 does it most for me. I've got a couple of Ebbets caps, the wool ones like these are my favorites. I have one that was made for a sports team in my area actually.

Buckets & Spades

Joey London said...

Need to get myself one of these caps!

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