2013: Half & Half

This year was half and half. Half really bad, and half really good.

January got off to a bad start, when I realized how exhausted I was by a sport I used to love, and my laptop was stolen. That being said, I had a long winter break that resulted in a lot of thinking. I tried to keep my head up and hope for a less stressful semester but that resulted in a big NOPE.

Overall, I was in a bad mental place. I was the most homesick I had been in school, I was struggling holding onto friendships, and just unhappy. In February I had some fun at a concert (where it turns out we set a Guinness World Record for the largest Harlem Shake) and some fun with my hair color. While the semester drug on, I was able to come home for a week and also meet Maggie, who is an amazing individual. She probably doesn't know this but she got me through a lot of stuff  I was dealing with and I cannot thank her enough for that. As March came to a close I started to try and rid myself of all the negativity and embrace change no matter how strange it seems.

However, the semester from hell continued and I attempt to find a new perspective borrowed from the lessons of an English teacher.

Things turn around eventually. I helped a friend out, returned to a job I enjoy, and was able to exhale for the first time in months. My summer was filled with coffee, pie, fantasies of an apartment, and a return to personal style. I spent a week in Hawaii which involved a lot of great food and great weather. I was able to venture into Seattle for various reasons; always an adventure. At one point I convinced some of my friends to do an impromptu photo shoot with me! Most importantly I was able to visit some extraordinarily special people in what we now know as the Awesome Austin Adventure.

I returned to New York and started to get into the swing of things. It was a whole new time for me; I wasn't swimming, I was living in an apartment, and starting my third year of college. The past was behind me and it was time to move forward. And time to spend more time (and money) in New York City.

October rolled around and everything was well, I was content with where I was, even though there were a few more things I'd like to immerse myself in. And then all of a sudden...
I was published in a newspaper. Not just one, but two actually.
Natalie came to visit me!
I turned 21.
I went back to NYC for Thanksgiving and had an amazing time.
I had an amazing 5th semester actually. Only 5 more to go!

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