2014: The Year of the Internship

This is the year that I take risks. I'll need to contact a mass exodus of strangers, acquaintances, friends, etc. that I want to work for and need to sell myself. Networking is key. I need to put myself "out there" more often, step outside the comfort zone.
See an opportunity?
No chance in hell it will go to you?
Move on.
Work it.

This is the year that I don't procrastinate. I'm going to make - and constantly refresh- a list of things I can be doing instead of: facebook, tumblr, watching tv shows, and making excuses for myself*.
Lists are key. They will be a constant reminder of things to achieve.

This is the year that I exercise for me. No longer am I bound to something else that controls my body. I want to run, I want to eat healthy, I want to drink more water, and I want amazing abs because I hate the fact that I can feel what my lack of routine has done to my body.

This is the year of self-improvement, the year I immerse myself in culture. The year I say yes more than no. The year I watch more movies and documentaries, read more articles, visit more museums and experience what the world has to offer.
The year of spontaneity.
The year of innovation.
The year of inspiration.
The year I wear more black.
The year I learn new skills.

The year I apply what the past 21 years has been building up.

*blogging is acceptable

Natalie said...


I have similar wantings to put myself out there more. Like, I really need to a lot more...

Dillon, you've got this year. And wearing more black is definitely a thing that should be done.

Lizzie said...

This was one of the most inspiring things to read.

I'm with Natalie, you're gonna do well, and you might be wearing black while doing it.

lina said...

good grief dillon! just reading this got me pumped!

particular things you said really hit home. thanks for that.

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