I stole this picture from my friend Ryan. He should be fine with that. 

I got a text last night from my mom that said "You better be at a concert right now".

You better believe I was at a concert last night. But let me start off by going back a few days, because a lot has happened since then.

Monday (yesterday) we had a mid-term presentation for my design studio of the work we've done up until this point on a case study of a building given to us. Last Friday I should have been working on it, but my friend Ben visited and distracted me for far too long, so that very little work got done. Saturday we had a swim practice in the morning in which we had "give-away day" which goes like this: you swim in a team and if your team wins a relay you get to chose a single closed bag (you can't see the item at all) and that is your prize. Some of the prizes are pretty bad, like our coaches junk mail, and other stuff is really good, like a 200 dollar race suit. I happened to get a huge banner from 1996 when RPI won the league championships, which I thought was pretty cool.  Immediately following that I joined some upperclassmen friends to "double-d breakfast hut", or more commonly referred to as Dunkin Donuts which was immediately followed by me going to their apartment so that I could get a gift from Dan. Now here's the thing. Dan is one of those people that if you saw him walking down the street you wouldn't say to yourself "now that's a guy who looks like he enjoys sewing", but he does, and he made me a pillow and it's a pretty awesome thing to have someone make for you. But I digress.

Afterwards the day continued by me bleaching my hair (yes, it's a gross blonde color for the meantime) and me trying to film a mens swim team video. After that I think I was able to do some work. Sunday came along and I hunkered down so that I could finish up my studio work by dinnertime. Well, that didn't exactly happen, but nine didn't seem too late to me. Monday's presentation came, and originally it was supposed to be a walk-around-and-look-at-each-others-work kind of deal, but then the professors decided to pick two students from each of the 5 sections to present their work. And guess who got chosen? I'll give you a hint: Their hair looks ridiculous right now.
Post presentation my architecture friends and I look at the time and realize, "oh, we're going to see Matt & Kim and Passion Pit perform in two hours."


And then we realized Tuesday we had two tests. I'll tell you up front that they did not go so well, but not because of not studying. I regret nothing.

Coffee is necessary for analyzing a building

This is the aforementioned banner. It's huge. It's completely covering my bed.
shelbyisms said...


▲my• said...

so much awesome.

mayte. said...

picture of yr hair is needed, also, you should probably go to a salon if your hair is that ugly murky color hair turns to when it's bleached improperly. it probably needs a toner.
also, Matt & Kim, yay!

Nicole Linette said...

That's really awesome that you're an architecture student. I have an admiration for the craft and the aesthetic, but I doubt my own ability to understand the technical side.
But all these concerts (like Natalie), heck yes! That is what makes these college days worth plugging along for.. the all nighters and blazing headaches, the test scores will recover on their own terms. Hope your swim season is going well!


Natalie DiCenzo said...

What is it about guys that can sew. One made me a pillow too and it is better than anything I could ever make ever. BUT ANYWAY. I really want to know what your hair looks like right now. BUT YAY FOR BLOWING OFF SCHOOL RELATED THINGS TO GO TO CONCERTS. Totally worth it. Also, the banner thing, pretty sweet.

Maggie Shirley said...

I am a big supporter of blowing school off for concerts. Also, we have to see a picture of your hair now.

maggeygrace said...

The image of your hair is burned into my retinas.

Just kidding.

I think.

Kind of.


You decide.

Lizzie said...

Passion Pit!!!

Lizzi said...

Wow, busy busy!

You're such a bad ass though, you pull it off.


kylee said...

okay, so i'm friends with maggie which is how i found your blog. i about died when i saw you went to this concert, i went when they came to salt lake a couple weeks ago.... AMAAAZING! kim was probably the happiest performer i have ever seen live, and passion pit was everything i hoped they would be.

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