Good Day.

I have enjoyed today.

Woke up at a reasonable time (NOT 5 am.) and went down to the mall.

Picked up some yarn to crochet a scarf for one of my school friends, Kelsey. She has decided to send me a song every day this summer to make sure she stays in touch which is cheesy and cute and I love it. I also went to a clothing exchange store, and got rid of some old clothes - and they gave me $28 for it! So of course I bought a ridiculously inexpensive Ralph Lauren button up for $14 (see picture above.) I then spent another bit of that money for two new books at a thrift store. So essentially I got paid to buy stuff today. Perfection.

The weather was awesome today so I went lap swimming at our outdoor pool before it opened to beat the rush. I can do this because I am also the assistant manager, assistant swim coach, and head lifeguard at this pool. I'm working on my speedo tan line.

Made myself a delicious grilled turkey and avocado sandwich for lunch, then went back to the pool. (Going back was the only part of the day that I would have liked to avoided since I went to clean out the pool filters which were gross. I'll spare the details.)

Then I went and printed out some pictures to send to some friends who just graduated from RPI (and I hope I will see them again someday) and while I was at the store I saw a bunch of Seattle post cards. Its funny to think that other people can get so excited about coming here. I mean, YES, this place is awesome. But I still find it amusing.

Had awesome homemade hamburgers and finished it off with a milkshake I made for myself. Going to watch The Lady in Black soon, we'll see how Daniel Radcliffe does outside of the Harry Potter world. Below are some of my adventures I've had so far since I've been home, documented with instagram. (Follow me at anintegraldesign if you'd like)

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

mayte. said...

a grilled turkey and avocado sandwich sounds great right now, and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

do all people feel that way about where they're from? I'm convinced people are crazy when they think California is this perfect sunshine/palm tree/beaches place, mostly because I live right in the agricultural epicenter and there's cows/lifted trucks/cornfields. also, the beaches aren't that great either, or LA or SF.

also, just followed you in instagram. I'm totundra. :D

(and I'm really glad I can finally comment on your blog, haha.)

lina said...

this is an awesome post. i can't quite figure out why i like it so much. perhaps it's the way you write...

i love that concept that you got paid to buy stuff. haha great! & you crochet? sooo awesome! i do too, but i think the most complicated thing i can do are granny squares & that's not saying much.

such a sweet friend you have there! you may have yourself quite the awesome playlist by the end of summer.

seattle! hehe

oh also, really awesome that you are a swimmer! what is your stroke? when i was on the swimteam mine was butterfly.

btw finding you on instagram now...!

ok that's it..take care!

Natalie said...

Being paid to buy things is pretty much the dream. That's great that you got so much for your clothes, but then again that doesn't surprise me since from what I've seen they're so nice. I don't blame the consignment shop here for not wanting the majority of my crappy middle school era clothing.

It must be fun being one of the head honchos of the pool, haha. I love swimming but hate having to deal with my 80 pounds of hair afterwards...

Also, that is such a cute way to stay in touch with your friend. And crocheting... geez, is there anything you can't do?

Bookish.Spazz said...

Woah! Mad props for being able to crochet!

Man. I really need to take some of my clothes to a consignment shop. It's so awesome that you got that RL shirt for so cheap!

▲my• said...

Sounds like a fantastic day to me :D

Also, I really like that shirt.

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