If you've been following this blog for a while, you would know that originally this was a collaborative style blog between myself and my good friend Briana. And from that I learned that it is very hard to do a collab style blog when you're working with somebody with a different choice in style. So we went our separate ways and now I'm here.

Anecdote aside, I would to get back into style blogging. (Although being a college student I am not in the completely proper setting, a.k.a. I apologize for the fact that these are all taken in my dorm.)

Thursday                                                   Tuesday                                               Wednesday          
Most days it is just a variation of this, one might even call it my personal uniform.

Tuesday I only have Sociology so I dress comfortably:
Button up Grey Checker Shirt, J.Crew Maroon V-neck sweater, J.Crew •  Vest, Banana Republic Levi 511 Jeans Grey boat shoe boots, Urban Outfitter

Wednesday I had a Midterm critique for my Studio, so this is me "dressing up":
Denim Button up, L.L. Bean (thrifted) Grey V-neck sweater, H&M  Black Peacoat, Vans (thrifted)  Maroon Corduroy 511's, Levi's  Maroon/Black saddle shoes, Florsheim (thrifted) chambray bowtie, American Apparel

Thursday I just had physics and then studio later that day, watching more presentations.
Plaid flannel button up, Pendelton (thrifted)  Jacket, Virgin Poet Society/UO  Levi 511 Jeans Clarks Desert Boots

These three outfits I wore last week, and you can start to see how I like to dress. Usually a button up, a rather neutral palate, and dark outerwear.

I do realize that the majority of my followers are female, but I would like to get back into style blogging, even as haphazardly as this post appears to be. Obviously I am not that pleased to be taking pictures with my camera on auto-timer in my dorm, but what do my readers think of this?

Comments and suggestions are especially appreciated.
Bookish.Spazz said...

First thought: Why do the guys at my high school not dress like this?

Second thought: Well, despite having to take these pictures in your dorm room with an auto-timer, I think everything is really well done.

I usually could care less about setting, I like focusing more on the actual clothing.

As far as suggestions go, I don't really have any... But that's probably because I only follow three fashion blogs :P

shelbyisms said...

I think you look attractive. I wish Sam would dress like you. Unfortunately, he's the flip-flop type and it's a lost cause.

I dig your style. You're like the boy version of me, and that's pretty neat.

Nicola said...

Fab photos.
Maybe close up shots of certain parts of the clothing/fabric/details?
Very good photos though. You have brilliant style.

Em [The Writer] said...

Love the outfits!

Natalie said...

Even though we're pretty much all females, that doesn't mean we don't appreciate some menswear. In fact I'm pretty sure we appreciate it even more than the average male, haha. The difference between you and the hideousness that the majority of the guys that I know wear (basketball shorts and Crocs... dear lord) is hilariously fantastic. And hey, nothing wrong with auto timers in your dorm. Whatever gets the job done!

Maggie Shirley said...

I agree with what Natalie said. I appreciate it when guys actually care about fashion, and take the time to look nice and have a personal style. In Lubbock, all guys dress exactly the same (which is to say not well).

lina said...

very impressive mr. dillon! wednesday is definitely my favorite.

Honora said...

I remember when we went to go and pick up that plaid shirt from the sweet Eastern European lady. She was so cute! (If that is the same shirt anyway) I love your Wednesday look, very chic.

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