Hot Hot Heat.

Summer Skin

It's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow so I started thinking about my wardrobe, and the fact that I don't own any good summer clothing. I put together a 'wishlist' of clothing and accessories that I would love to have for the summer. This list includes:

... A Chambray button-up

... A Button-down shirt in essential summer plaid

... Broken-in chino shorts

... A Slub jersey polo

... A pair of flip-flops

... A new pair of go-to sneakers

... Some Real boat shoes

... A pair of nice sunglasses

.... A nice watch

.... What might be the most nautical belt ever

... And a duffel bag to go everywhere with.

I would be completely satisfied owning only these article this summer. On a side note, I have been looking for an all-purpose bag for a while and this canvas one seems to be perfect for all occasions. I plan on doing a bit of traveling this summer and as of now I don't have a bag that I can just shove things in and leave!

For all those female readers, you too should consider some of these items! A chambray shirt is perfect for summer weather, breathable and versatile. I didn't particularly care for boat shoes until I got to the east coast and realized that my feet need to be sockless, and they cannot continue to wear boots. And find something nautical; stripes are easy, as well as the theme of anchors, and the rough texture of rope.

Prepare yourself for summer and all of it's activities; it is coming faster than you realize!

shelbyisms said...

gah, if i were taller and skinnier, we could be twins.

i love your style. i just love it. you're the best.

mayte. said...

90 degrees, seriously? it's going to be 79 tomorrow and I'm probably going to melt away into nothingness.
you have the best style. I'm the worst at figuring out summer clothes. I just don't understand it and everyone expects California girls to be all Katy Perry with bathing suits and short shorts while I wear shants and really oversized shirts.
teach me your ways of styleeeeee.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I love chambray things. In fact I have 2 dresses made out of that type of material. Also, boat shoes FTW!

lina said...

this is awesome dillion. i should show my boyfriend this : )

Kayleigh said...


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