Sometimes I Ramble:

Let me begin with a slight rant so that I can get my architectural angst out now.

Architecture. Midterms.

The amount of people that pulled all-nighters was ridiculous. The amount of work that was assigned was overwhelming. The tension between people, and towards the work, was as thick as fog. I don't like the model I made. Sure it looked cool but it wasn't right. I know it wasn't right. I wasn't happy with it. I was frustrated with it. Mid-term critiques went surprisingly well though. My professor brought in two of his architectural colleagues who were just as surprisingly easy to present to. They seemed to really like the idea that has been driving my process thus far, and (after the initial dissatisfaction with my model that I wasn't happy with) all they did was bounced new ideas off of each other; so constructive criticism. I then over the next few days made more new models to try and satisfy the needs of the project as well as myself. I'm now on my sixth 18 by 18 by 4 inch model. I would show you my frustration but instead I'll show you the parts of the project that I did correctly, and that turned out well.

This is a model I made in a program called Rhino. I then made these structures out of task board (aka IMPOSSIBLE) I did a ton of other stuff too, but when I complete it, it will go up on the blog that my professor made for our section.
There are also a significant amount of people who I'm already tired of having in the same studio space as me. Lazy people who don't care? They should leave. People who lie all the time? Stop talking to me. People who are fake? Immature? Grow up. People who play their bad music too loudly? Please, for everybody's sake put in a pair of headphones. Is this too much to ask?

Okay, I'm done now. Onto better things! Halloween is coming really, really soon. This also means that my birthday is coming soon! The days continue to fly by. There is a possibility that I will have more than one costume for that weekend; Eeyore & the Mad Hatter. We'll see.

Tomorrow I leave for Rhode Island (which I've never been to) for my first college swim meet. Exciting and scary. But I get to miss my biology class which is dislike strongly. But I'm also sick so I don't know how well I'll do. I'll keep you posted.

Besides focusing on purely architectural studies in college, after talking to my academic advisor we discussed some exciting potentials for my future here at RPI which are...
- Getting a music minor. Because I love music, and I've taken music theory & history courses that fascinate me. It also correlates with stylistic tendencies within eras of art and architecture.
- Getting a master in acoustics. Which is actually possible if I work everything out while I'm here. It might mean I stay a summer later on to do research, or extra classes, but it will be worth it.
Graduating with a Minor in Music, Bachelors of Architecture, and Master in Acoustics would put me at a good place going into the profession of architecture. Which I want. And then I would get paid to do what i love the end.

Want the boots. And the navy pants. Might as well go for the socks too. I just love UO.

I also received a package today from Urban Outfitters. My parents said that it's my Birthday present. This also excites me. But I have a dilemma; should I wait until it is actually my Birthday to open it, or open it when I feel like it (aka, early, because I want to potentially wear it's contents). Internal struggle guys.

As you can see I've got a few conflicting emotions going on, and I'm tired and starting to ramble because it just turned midnight and I can sleep in tomorrow but that doesn't mean I should stay up for no reason on the Internet and blog like I'm doing right now do you see what I mean about the rambling? (exhale)

How is the rest of the world doing?
Em [The Writer] said...

1. Yes for Disney costumes!
2. I think that those majors/mastors/minors would be a lovely fit for college and...
3. I would say wait...but who knows what's in the package!

Anastasia said...

I like the ideas of the major/minor/ studying.
I feel similarly towards some people in the dance studio right now so empathy towards lazy people who don't actually care. Good luck for the swim meet.

Lauren said...

I'm terrible with surprises, I'd probably open the package soon after I got it.

That 3D model looks so complex! I've only done very very basic modeling in Blender, and I quickly realized I was going nowhere fast with it. I wish you all the best with your education, and a Happy Halloween!

Natalie said...

Architecture sounds very complicated. That's great that your critiques went well though! But yeah, it is so very frustrating when you're busy working so hard and there are other people there that just don't care. They should just stick their face in a hole or something.

Oooh, I feel like a Mad Hatter costume would look awesome. I don't think I'll be dressing up this year, sadly, because our cross country coach has basically forbid us from leaving our houses and risking getting sick by being in contact with other people...

Getting a music degree just sounds like it would be so enjoyable. Taking classes in anything that you love would be, I suppose! In college I think I'm going to do the pre-med track, but major in something that I actually really enjoy like English or Psychology.

I vote to wait until your birthday to open it, even though the temptation for awesome clothes may be too much... FIGHT THE URGE!

Good luck on your swim meet! I'm sure you will do fantastically.

▲my• said...

Ugh. People like that are the worst. I have that issue with the kids at work. Lazy, awful music playing too loud in the stockroom, etc. Also, if you're going to complain, quit or shut up while other people are working twice as hard to make up for your lazyness.

... so I may have vented a little bit there.

Architechture looks so cool, hard, but cool, and designy, and awesome. Yup.

I'd wait 'til my birthday, but it's your package, do what you want :)

Stacey said...

So I totally typed a really long comment earlier but it got...lost :( And I don't raelly remember half of the things I said... so here's a more concise version:

Awww I hope things get better for you Dillon! Hang in there :)

You should open your present on your birthday, because it'll be more exciting that way :)

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