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Hello inter web and Happy October. I'm back for a brief amount of time. What you see above is what I spent this weekend doing. All of it has a very specific purpose and meaning behind it, but if I were to explain it to you I would be writing at least one very long paragraph. I'm starting to document ALL my work (literally, everything, there is so much) so I have it for portfolio stuff and I can show everyone what I've been up to... since this IS all I seem to be doing.

Yeah, so, college. I don't think I'm getting the "typical" college experience by choosing this as my major, but in ways I don't mind. There are archies (that's what we call architecture majors) that find time to do "normal" college student stuff, but it reflects in their work. The friends that I've made are serious about this stuff, but we have a lot of fun with it. And although we rarely have time to go and do something, we will make a good time out of anything. Like that one time we walked down into Troy (the city where RPI is directly located) and went to the farmers market....

I took the picture, which Is why I wasn't in it. But I love jumping pictures.

I've been enjoying my time here. My group of friends (see above, and there are more too) have made the transition smooth. Yes, I miss home and my sister and my best friends from Seattle, but I try and focus on the good times I have ahead of me here.

Some things that would make my college experience MORE awesome:
- Earl Grey/Black Tea and awesome mugs to put it in.
- Recommendations for TV shows/movies I can listen to and not really watch (I need something to do when I'm working in studio, but that I don't have to give my full attention to.)
- A new pair of boots. I love me some boots. Preferably waterproof.
- A planner. I need to get myself one of those. Thank god I have friends to freak out and remind me of deadlines.
- Any sort of reminder of things outside of Troy. Like, anything. I feel isolated at times.
- GOING TO NYC. I need to do that... SOON.
- Being able to watch Glee on Tuesday when it airs! Grrrr Wednesday classes....

That's it for now, as I need to go to bed since I have to get up for a morning swim practice quite early.
Next post to come will involve a wish list, since my birthday is coming soon! (Also, my mom asked me to make one, and I figure I might as well blog it since it gives the links and everything.)
tay said...

See, here I was thinking you had only made six friends. Thanks for clarifying. ;P
Also, YES YOU NEED TO COME TO NYC! How dare you care about your schoolwork when I sit here procrastinating ALL ALONE???

Bookish.Spazz said...

Man, being an archie sounds hard!

I have a friend majoring in architecture at the University of Houston, but I feel like he does a great deal more partying than you.

Anastasia said...

Let me know when you come to NYC!! Everything sounds really amazing, I am glad that you are finding learning that you wish to be immersed in.

mayte michelle. said...

shows to watch but not really: 30 rock (if you pay enough attention to it, it'll get addicting.) and hoarders.
(: hope that helps.

Stacey said...

I'm glad to see that you're still alive :)

I still have to write you a letter soon! Oops hahah.

And psh you should watch Glee despite your Wednesday classes! It's only 1 hour :P

Good luck good luck!

Maggie Shirley said...

I have great admiration for anyone who majors in architecture or anything like that because I know it is extremely difficult and time-consuming, and I cannot even imagine doing it myself. But I'm glad you're enjoying it, and when you're finished you can be all, "Ted Mosby: Architect." (Okay, that was a How I Met Your Mother reference–a show you should really watch if you do not.)

As for things to do while working in the studio: Have you ever tried listening to audiobooks? There is some wonderful (albeit illegal) person on YouTube who uploaded the Harry Potter audiobooks, and I shall Facebook the link to you if you wish.

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