Iceland - Reykjavik

On my way back to the U.S. from my stay in England, I decided to make a pit stop in Iceland. What do you mean its the thing to do or it's so pretty on social media because that's totally not why I went for three days - it totally is - and honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed with my time there. That's not to say I didn't enjoy my trip there because I definitely did! Although from my experience I do know what I would do differently next time around.   

Let me explain a little. 
  • I had a really terrible experience checking into my Airbnb (mostly since there wasn't anyone to check me in, no service, and I had to wander around to find wifi to contact my host). 
  • After coming off of 10 days spent with really amazing people that I was sharing the experience of travel with, being by myself felt a little off. 
  • The entire country is a haven for tourists and it seems like so much is being catered to them (me) that it felt somewhat inauthentic. 
  • If I had the ability to go back I would definitely want to rent a car to see more of the island, and also have a couple of people to share it with. So, if any of my readers decide to visit, that's what I recommend. 

But I digress! The brief time I spent in Reykjavik was amazing. I was able to wander around since the city is rather small and enjoy all of the little things along the way. Starting my morning with a fresh cup of pour-over coffee from Reykjavik Roasters was definitely a highlight! The downtown area has a lot to offer in terms of its architecture, with color on so many buildings and a handful of very strange landmarks including Hallgr√≠mskirkja (the church in the last image) and the Harpa concert hall on the water (the third to last image, with a facade that looks like bubbles.)  The majority of my pictures here were taken with a film camera -mostly because I managed to fill up my SD card in England- but for some reason, the grittiness captures the feeling of the city well. 

Stay tuned for two more posts about my time in Iceland! 

Matthew Pike said...

Nice to see the experience on film, i agree. that sucks about your exeprience though. Airbnbs can be a little complicated, especially in a counrty that's unfamiliar.

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