Iceland - Blue Lagoon

While doing research for what I would like to do with my time in Iceland, the first priority on my list was to go to a geothermal spa. Specifically, one of the 25 wonders of the world; The Blue Lagoon. Located south of the city and east of the airport, this attraction is known for their naturally heated and self-cleaning water and is believed to have healing powers...

While you're there you can get a silica and algae face masks, drinks from the in-water bar, dine at their restaurant, use saunas, and more. I had purposefully planned this visit as the last thing I would do in Iceland and it was an amazing end to my two-week long trip. I left  completely relaxed, a little bit sunburnt, and my face was the softest it has ever been. 

There you have it, the last post about my travels! If you actually read all of my posts from this trip you deserve a strong drink. If you had a favorite post, let me know! Other non-travel content to resume soon.
Matthew Spade said...

I read them all. Can I have a straight whiskey?

Really sharpe photos, and not a wasted journey in the end.

Buckets & Spades

Daphne@Simplement D Liche said...


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