Having been described as "The Single greatest thing I've ever seen gastronomically in New York City" by Mario Batali,  Smorgasburg is a tasty weekend event worth fighting the crowds for. With over 100 vendors set up on Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the imminent crowd of hungry foodies aren't just due to the fact that the venue is probably too small for this magnitude of deliciousness, but because two-thirds of the people there are just wandering around verbally exclaiming how overwhelmed they are. I too am guilty of that. However, once you decide between the falafel gyro, blackened salmon burger, or a scotch egg you can escape the crowd and find a place to enjoy your food anywhere along the waterfront.

I gravitated towards the cemita (a common street food from Puebla, Mexico) mainly because it was fairly priced at $9 for a hearty sandwich. At the time, I honestly couldn't distinguish all of what I was eating, but I could determine that it was damn good. With a little help from my friend the internet, research shows I consumed bean spread, mayo, lettuce, onions, tomato, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, chipotle, and Angus barbacoa.

Even though temperatures haven't reached summer status yet (I kid you not there were snow flurries this past Thursday), the sun was out and felt warm enough to indulge in one of the many ice cream options available. We ended up with ice cream sandwiches from The Good Batch, mine being chocolate ice cream and toffee caramel spread between two almond sugar cookies. When my family comes out to NY next year for my graduation, I'm putting this on our itinerary.

I hope I've made everyone hungry.
mayte. said...

oaxaca cheese is the best cheese and you need to come to california and you can have the best mexican food of your life.

Matthew Pike said...

this sounds ideal, all those stalls in one place, man, hard to decide! never heard of bean spred myself, but the whole thing looks great.

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