I'm typically not one to set resolutions, but since I failed to create a 23 before 23 list like I usually do for my birthdays I decided maybe resolutions can't be that bad. Honestly, these are things I've been wanting to implement into my own life for a while now but this is a good time to put it down in writing!

Eat less meat - During finals week I watched a whole lot of TED talks that discussed the food industry, and one speaker made a case for being a "weekday vegetarian". I think this is along the same lines that I would approach my eating habits. I already seem to have cut red meat out of my diet (except for the occasional burger) and in general want to eat healthier. I don't think I could give up meat altogether. Because bacon.

Stay in shape - Ever since I stopped swimming competitively I never really noticed a change in my body, but now here we are almost 2 years later and I'm realizing a lot of differences. I had done a decent job at working out (especially over the summer where I was in spectacular running shape) but this past semester it all fell apart. I lost 5 pounds in muscle mass. My lats went from being one of the largest muscles on my body are now completely non-existent. Time to fix that!

Learn a new skill - In the design field that is. Not like a new software, but an interesting and applicable trade like pattern making shirts or textile design or something along that line. In general, I do what I need to do to succeed, but very little beyond that. If I really want to have a unique perspective in the design world I must have something that makes me stand out.

Run a half-marathon - I basically did this last summer, but I want to sign up for a race and actually complete it. It will give me motivation to maintain healthy eating and working out habits.

Read more - For myself. I have so many books lying around that I want to read. School burnt out the passion I once had for reading by forcing me to consume books to be tested on. I want to re-learn my love for reading. Any recommendations?

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