So I'm moving to New York City.

Not like tomorrow, but January is pretty close as well. I applied and got into a program that the school of architecture offers which takes place in the city (on Wall Street, to be specific.) As the school year, and calendar year come to a close I should probably find a place to live but I'm not too concerned because I'm just really excited to not live in Upstate New York any longer. But I digress...

The photos I took in late October during an extended weekend to the city. After our design studio midterm, as a class we were required to attend a 'field trip' into the city that was more or less just an intensive architectural tour. We visited firms, iconic buildings and areas, and looked at large scale construction projects. I went down a day early for it and met up with Anastasia and Natalie for a fun filled day with some blogger buddies. We frolicked through central park, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art -which I had wanted to do for a while now- and then grabbed a delicious meal at a hole-in-the-wall thai place in Hells Kitchen. Natalie had to leave, but Anastasia and I went to a funny little bacon themed bar and talked about life and stuff.

The next three days were a whirlwind of running around the city with my design professors, visiting offices like Grimshaw and SOM, and seeing the Lever House and Seagram Building. We went to the West side to see a Bjarke Ingles construction site and went to Long Island City to visit our structural engineering professor at his office. When we weren't all running around, I was hanging out with my friend Taylor who I went to high school with, but she now lives in the city as a recent NYU grad. One night we went to an underground comedy show in the village and got macaroons, and another morning we got an amazing brunch at an adorable restaurant called Penelope's. One of our days ended in Brooklyn, and that night we took the ferry south to the Brooklyn bridge.
As we travel on the water with the wind blowing, staring at the city skyline lighting up the night sky, I was so content with things. If I wasn't already infatuated with the city, I am now.
Natalie said...

I really loved Brooklyn when I was there over the summer. I think we should both just stay in NYC next summer and hang out with Anastasia all the time. Like RIGHT NOW as I am on your couch. Muwahaha.

Maggie Shirley said...

I love all of these pictures, New York, and you. I will crash with you, Natalie, and Anastasia this summer as well.

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