This Thanksgiving marks my 4th away from home. My first two at college were spent at my friend Kendall's home, and last years was in New York City with another friend, Taylor. While all those have been fun, I'm tired of being felt sorry for and adopted by other peoples families. I'm also tired from all of the traveling I've already done in the past few months. That's why this year, I decided to hold my own "Friendsgiving."

Blogger buddies Natalie and Anastasia joined my friend Victoria and I in Upstate New York this holiday for some time of relaxation and great food. Wednesday before Thanksgiving we received about 8 inches of snow, making us stay inside and enjoy each others company. We began this fourth Thursday of November with homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls  and apple cider mimosas while watching the Macy's day parade. Since I was actually at the parade last year I didn't feel overly inclined to watch it, so I mainly dealt with food preparation.

After we picked up Natalie from the train station we got cooking on dinner, in which our main dish was a baked acorn squash  that we stuffed with stuffing and topped with parmesan cheese. (It was ordinary seasoned stuffing mix that I added golden delicious apple, pecans, and dried cranberries to at the end. I put turkey sausage in the mix for the meat-eaters at the table as to not omit turkey from the meal.) We struggled through cutting some very large sweet potatoes, but it was so worth it after they were oven roasted with olive oil and cinnamon. Mashed potatoes were made in a slow cooker, just chopped up and left there for a while with garlic and a bit of water. Victoria prepared a version of cranberry sauce that was super easy and delicious, as well as some toasted bread with garlic and rosemary!

For dessert, we went with a traditional pumpkin pie, and some not-so-traditional chocolate glazed donuts. (For those of you who don't know, I purchased a donut pan a month ago and I do not regret it. Buy one and make donuts. Seriously.) All in all, it was a somewhat contemporary twist on a traditional Thanksgiving meal. More importantly, it was delicious, and shared amongst friends.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the day(s) off from normal obligations to spend time with friends and family! 
Anastasia said...

Thanks so much, it was lovely to spend time with you and make such delicious food.

Maggie Shirley said...

I was so happy that y'all were able to have Thanksgiving together. It was so cute. Also, you are obviously the best host. I'm going to come stay with you again just so you can make me pancakes and bananas again.

shelbyisms said...

I didn't know that you were having Friendsgiving with Anastasia & Natalie! HOW FREAKIN' FUN!!!! We love you.

Natalie said...

You really were the host with the most. Thank you for inviting us. <3 Also, damn. That cinnamon roll.

beenotafraid said...

Also agree that is super adorable that y'all had Friendsgiving! Also, this photography?? SO PROFESSIONAL.

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