I Can't Even

Professor: "It's like a shotgun wedding!"
TA: "If that were the case that would mean you impregnated Mckenzie Wark."
Me: "Since we're using that analogy, I guess have cold feet!"

This is a real conversation that happened on Friday before class, and I'm convinced that day wasn't even real.

The day began with a test. Then it got weird. So I knew that I was supposed to interview an academic author (Wark, author of Hacker Manifest amongst other things) for a paper I'm writing in my IT and Society class. After I had put together questions,  I went to check them with my TA. After discussion them with him, I asked "so when is this interview taking place?" "2:15"
That's during class. My interview was supposed to be in front of the entire, 60 student class. Not only in front, but it was going to be the entire class.


Also, I forgot to mention that I tweeted a quote of the author the previous night, and he somehow found it and retweeted. And then someone else retweeted my quote and the author retweeted that too. He didn't know that it was me that was supposed to be interviewing him though, he just knew that someone from RPI was.

So, nervously, we awaited for Wark to connect to skype. That's when my interview was compared to a shotgun wedding. He never connected. One of my TA's for the class had set it up, and wasn't able to contact him at all. Later, I tweeted at the academic and then this happened:

This was not my intention. However, oddly effective. 

This is why Friday wasn't real. 

Natalie said...

Apparently passive aggressive tweeting gets the job done.

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