April the 13th

[My entire life has been consumed with leading this CANstruction team at school, where we fund raise and then buy cans that we build a sculpture with, so that all of them are donated afterwards. I'm glad this years competition is over because it was far too much work, but I'm glad we were awarded a Structural Ingenuity award!]


The sun is out, and student drive to do work is not.

It's really hard to not take advantage of the weather here when it gets nice, because for the last 6 months the temperature has been below freezing. During that freeze, none of want to leave whatever building we may be in since that would require us to leave the (relative) comfort of the indoor and trek into the tundra that we call Troy, NY.

In the spirit of nice weather, I will be drinking ALL THE ICED COFFEE. Seriously, I have insane cravings for it as soon as its nice enough ti slip into my boat shoes.

I will also start exercising again. Like, I have been much too lazy because, once again no one likes to go running when the ground is covered in snow. But I finally went today and it was not as glorious as I was hoping it would be. Like, damn I am out of shape.

But afterwords I made these quinoa burrito bowls and those, were in fact, glorious. I recommend making them if you like... good food.

Now, as I sip on my iced coffee and listen to Fitz and the Tantrums for the umpteenth time, it's time to get back to work!
Natalie said...

HUZZAH. I'm glad you Canstruction things went well! You're so good at architecture things.

And hallefuckinglujah I am so glad this wintry hell is basically over and we can actually emerge into the outdoors... but yeah... motivation... to do work... about that.

Omg the quinoa burrito bowls look so good. Pls make me some. Okay sure I will definitely come visit you to make you cook for me for, thx.

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