The HOTTEST of messes

an example of my collage-ing

Last week was so disorienting.

It all started by the fact that one of my Monday classes was moved to Thursday and that one of my Tuesday classes were cancelled. That and I was running a fundraiser every day this week.
In general the front of my weeks are loaded; the most work is due in the first three days and then dwindle off until the weekend I have to pick it up again.

Wednesday our school hosts this huge career fair that is geared towards the engineering students, and a lot of them find jobs there. This year there were two companies that work in tandem with architects so I planned on seeing what they are all about.
Wednesday I was a mess. That morning I had gotten up early to print out resumes and put together portfolios to hand out. While I was doing that I noticed a bunch of paper cuts on my hands, mainly due to the fact that in studio we are making collages (this comes into play later). I was supposed to mail something that morning but had left it at home. Good start. I managed to finish my portfolios right as the fair started so I bundled up and headed over to it. When I arrive, I fail to notice that my gloves had opened some of the wounds on my hand and I was bleeding. I meet with the first company, talk, it seems to go well, I go to hand him my resume and portfolio and notice my finger has a substantial amount of blood on it. There are also blood spots on the backs of one of my copies of each document I brought. I hand this guy the clean documents. The other firm... lets just say I hope they thought it was coffee. Then hurriedly I go to my apartment, change, grab the package I needed to mail, and headed back to campus where I was supposed to be running a fundraiser for the past 20 minutes but clearly wasn't.
Thursday I was late for my first college class ever.
Friday it snowed a bunch and campus was closed until noon but NOPE our professor was like "yeah, no we're having class at 10."

Now its a three day weekend and there is three weeks until spring break and I just want to not have to wear a million layers and a hat and scarf and gloves every day.

Is that too much to ask?

Lizzie said...

That sounds awful, I'm sorry. Here's hoping your next week is astronomically better, or at least warmer!

Natalie said...

Hopefully the other firm just thought you were super intense and had to claw through the hoards in order to hand in your resume because you are just THAT eager to work for them.

And oh my gosh, seriously, it needs to just stop snowing already. Our campus closed and I still had class too. WHAT THE HECK, PROFESSORS. It needs to be warm.

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