So far, so good

February always creeps around, sooner than we all expect it to. It's hard to believe we're in our third week of school and that spring break is in a month, but you know what - so far so good. Even though I have a large course load I actually enjoy all of my classes. I'm taking Building System Environments (a course where we learn how to properly design the mechanical systems in buildings such as lighting, heating, cooling, etc.) Cities and Lands (where we learn about the history and theory of urban planning)  Information Technology and Society (that discusses the role of IT in society, I'm taking as part of my sociology minor) and Materials and Enclosures (where we learn how to create construction documents for facade construction).

All of that, and my studio course, which is going to be interesting. We're doing a study on a specific film (I have North By Northwest, a Hitchcock film) and recreating a building in the movie only from the shots we see. After perfecting that and doing a few other things we're going to design a building for a movie festival viewing at a site in Brooklyn. I highly recommend the movie, and don't be put off that it's over two hours long and from 1959. It's really entertaining.

But other than that, not much else has gone on. We had a snow day today which resulted in sledding fun and hot cocoa, and time to catch up on homework. Time to get back to work, just thought I'd procrastinate a little.
mayte. said...

north by northwest is definitely one of my favorite movies.
you're such a busy person, dillon.

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