So I got a text message from Amy the other day. Here's what it said:
"I was talking to my mom last night, I don't remember what about exactly, but I do remember telling her that "Everybody needs to take lessons in how to live life from Dillon." 'Cause everyone totally does, and you rock."
This might have been the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me.
And it started to get my mind churning about why such a thought even occurred.

And I honestly couldn't figure out why.

I suppose it's hard to look at my own life in comparison to others, well, since it's my life and I'm unable to observe it from the perspective of an outsider looking in. I don't think anything special of the way I'm living my life - only that i try to do exactly that; live it. I decide on something and I do it. Sometimes I procrastinate to get it done, like any other person. I like to be organized and consequentially plan out my days, in which I might decide on more "somethings" that any other given day.
I'm rarely spontaneous, but love spontaneous people.
I get too dedicated to things I involve myself in, and tend to put more stress on myself than necessary.
I try to enjoy little things. A sip of sweet tea. Reading. Sunlight.
Traditions feel like a part of the past, while creating the future, and I enjoy the nostalgic qualities that they produce.
Dressing well is a part of my life.
As taught to me by my lovely mother of mine, it takes the same amount of energy to be mean as it does to be nice - so why not be nice?
I don't like to disappoint. Myself or others included.

Also, compliments tend to go farther than you think.
I'm not quite sure how, but I have come to be admired by my style (which by no means am I flaunting, since most of the time I don't really like what I wear and feel like I look ridiculous wearing) and certain people in particular are overwhelmed when I say something nice about their clothing. One friend in particular I posted on a photo that I liked her dress. Months later, during the first time I saw her, the first thing she told me was how happy that comment made her.
I must have high standards.
(I do have high standards.)

So, long contemplation made short, there is no reason that you too shouldn't feel like you're living life to your fullest. Just DO, however it is that you DO.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Even though I haven't met you IRL, you just seem very... together. Well kept. Aligned.

And this is all based off of the way you construct your words.

I'm sure you're just as awesome as Amy says you are!

Lizzie said...

I think this is sound advice. I was just reminded also the importance of keeping an open mind. It's amazing how much I've taken for granted over the past seventeen years and I need to start thanking people.

maggeygrace said...

It frustrates me sometimes when people aren't able to just laugh at themselves and be THEM. My friends have told me that it's insensitive of me to think so because a lot of people do have deep insecurities, but it's more than just that. I think beauty is sincerity and when I see a person fangirling over every ridiculous pop song on the radio but they're not ashamed of it, or a person who is so dramatic that they cry and scream at everything because they really do feel everything that deeply, or someone who IS just quiet and somewhat introverted but because that's just who they are... I think they're stunning. I love when people are just themselves without shame or apologies. It's, for lack of better word, beautiful.

lina said...

nicely put dillon. philosophies on life are interesting & often similar & different at the same time. i completely agree that we should always act with kindness in mind. because, really it is better than not.

Natalie said...

Dillon, you're a humble person which is of course wonderful. But you should not be afraid to flaunt it. In case you haven't realized we're all really big fans of yours.

It can be hard to accept compliments (at least I think so) but it's great how sometimes they can just, you know, reaffirm that you're living your life in the way that someone else apparently thinks is admirable. Just by doing what you're doing. So, in summary: yes.

Maggie Shirley said...

OH, DILLON. I agree with Natalie. If you've got it, flaunt it. There's a whole song about it in The Producers.

Anastasia said...

I don't really know what to say other than that I really liked this thoughtful post.

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