Sydney: Listen to the Locals

For our last full day in Sydney, Rachel and I took advantage of the local transportation and explored some of the suburbs of the city. 

We started our day by taking the subway to Alexandria, a nearby suburb to enjoy breakfast at Mecca Cafe. We enjoyed our food and coffee (and the beautiful space we were in) and attempted to find some nearby shops. I use "attempted" intentionally, seeing as after walking aimlessly for 15 minutes it became very apparent that we were in a warehouse district. Soon after that realization, we got back on the subway to head back to Sydney where explored the Chippendale area.

Something that stood out to me during my time in Australia was the abundance of amazing public spaces. Maybe it's the warmer weather, or maybe it's just an attention to the way society navigates space, but every city we went to had spaces that integrated into the grid of a city. Sydney provided parks that wind throughout neighborhoods, plazas the cross streets, and one of my favorites was The Goods Line. Similar to the High Line on the west bank of New York City, an old railway was converted into a public walking path to connect a college campus.

We finished the day up by taking the ferry to Balmain and walking through the main street there. I wish that a) we had taken the ferry more/earlier because it provided beautiful views and b) listened to the barista at breakfast who recommended we take the ferry to Manley Beach because honestly, Balmain was underwhelming.

Day Guide:
Ate at: Mecca Cafe Alexandria|| Cuckoo Galley Surry Hills|| Mama's Buoi Surry Hills 
Drank at: The Eveleigh Hotel Chippendale 
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