NYC in 35mm

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in New York City with a good friend, who wanted to see all of the Christmas-type things that typically happen during this time of year. While we did witness SantaCon and go to the Union Square Holiday Market it was also an unseasonably warm 64° F during the day. My only demand was to go to the new Whitney Museum to see the Frank Stella retrospective that was being shown, and we ended up doing a handful of other things along the way. 

Instead of lugging around my dslr for the short period of time we were going to be there, I decided to bring one of those old-school disposable cameras; I found one that (technically expired in 2014) was gifted to me a while ago and documented the trip with that. It was actually really enjoyable picking up physical photographs, not knowing what they would look like! These are all completely unedited, and they just feel so raw and real... so much of our life is cropped and edited and deleted which made getting these a strangely authentic experience. 

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