Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I'm back with lots to share!

I've spent the last month re-adjusting to life in New York where I'm finishing up my last year of architecture school. Having moved into a new apartment with a new roommate for this last year I've been spending a lot of time making the new place feel like home: which has included a lot of manual labor. So, instead of bombarding you all with everything all at once here are some posts you can expect in the near future:

A wingback chair reupholstery project

Making a garage sale bar cart look like new

Something tasty and full of sugar that looks great in my new cake stand

An outfit from the first day of fall

A Birthday gift guide for the architect born on Halloween in your life (that's me)

There are some really cool pictures of buildings in Austria that I stumbled upon...

Probably some pictures of my apartment, mostly since my roommate and I made the table and a two-person work desk, I reupholstered a chair and stripped an old coffee table, and I made a fringe accent wall out of streamers. 

There are a few more things I have in the works, but for now that's what you have to look forwards to!

Matthew Pike said...

Well this all sounds like great stuff to feature, let's see it!

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