slap yer mammy

I've come to realize that in my life the things I really try to do are unsuccessful, while things of a similar magnitude become my reality.

-I applied to approximately 50 firms for an internship this summer in Seattle and New York, and the one I end up was completely happenstance. Come to think of it I didn't get interviewed for it.
-I was planning summer trips, hoping I could make it to Shelby's wedding to see her and Maggie - but somehow my ending up in Colorado means that they are coming to visit me (so so soon!)
-I applied to intern at an architecture blog for the fall, which I didn't get. But then I got contacted for a freelance design gig.

Part of me is considering to stop applying myself and just let the chips fall where they may since that's what seems to be dictating my life anyways.

Along similar lines of things that just happen to me, one of my ex-girlfriends from years ago (don't worry, we're still friends) was arbitrarily in the area and neither of us knew that the other one was near. One  thing led to another and we ended up grabbing dinner and catching up because we hadn't talked since High School. We ate at Trinity Brewing, a local brewery that apparently gives out free bacon on Tuesdays with a purchase of a beer. Both of us got jalapeño burgers, and I tried a few beers - one of which was called "slap yer mammy" (it was too funny not to order it!)

Other than that I had a pretty terrible week at work, but I'm saving that for another post.

<< wearing: linen button-up by J.Crew > < pants by Levi's 514 > < boat shoes by Sperry > < sunglasses by J.Crew>> 

Natalie said...

This is so true though. I applied for SO many things, and the only reason I got my thing was because of a random connection from a senior I tutored in chemistry. I'm with you -- let's just stop ever attempting to do anything and just assume that everything will fall into our laps. That'll work every time, right?

That is a fantastic name for a drink. I also enjoy the spelling of mommy as mammy. And you look suave as always.

Maggie Shirley said...

Yaaay Colorado! I'm sorry you had a bad week at work, but at least you've picked the perfect casual summer outfit. AND YOU GET TO SEE ME SOON.

mayte. said...

letting things just happen is how i live my life, and i guess it makes me come off as lazy, but i see it as, if something great is going to happen, it's going to happen and i don't want to force it or be super anxious about things not going my way.
also, i miss your face.

Nicola said...

It's hard to let things just happen, but then it can be hard to try for it. I think maybe go with the flow for a little. Try that. See what happens.
But you are wonderful. And I miss you.

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