The Red Gingham Shirt: Part 1

Sometimes the sun will shine in Seattle summertime. (Please enjoy the alliteration.) Having purchased a few new pieces to add to a more warm-weather friendly wardrobe, in addition to wanting to revisit the fashion roots of this blog, here is the first (of what is hopefully many) true menswear post.
Tadlianne, a friend of mine who is attending an Art Institute for photography assisted me in the shoot, since I was fed up with my previous attempts of photos. Although we didn't really plan any of these shots and just kind of hung out with each other, we got a few really awesome shots in that I am really happy with.

-What I'm wearing -
Red Gingham Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Gramercy Shorts - J. Crew
Suede Bucks - Nordstrom
Sunglasses - Vans (taken from Honora)

Gingham as a pattern can be rather bold depending on the color, and the red can't help but to produce the imagery of a picnic. This sort of vibe is perfect for the summer, worn casually with a pair of rather neutral chino shorts, and complementary blue shoes. I tend to roll the sleeves of my shirts up due to my arm length (they are rather long and take over a look with all that fabric) but it's a great way to keep a look casual. A cloudless day is also the only time in which I can pull out the suede shoes without worrying about ruining them, and I love all things navy blue.

A freshly picked flower can add a pop of color

 I have a few other great way that I would like to introduce gingham into a look, so expect more posts involving the gingham shirt, a perfect staple for summertime. Hopefully by the end of this mini-series (inspired by the one-piece-three-ways post by The Style Blogger) you all will want to go out and integreate a similar piece for yourself.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I'm a big fan of gingham!

Also, I love your shoes!

Natalie said...

Hehe. I like the flower in the last picture. The gingham of your shirt didn't conjure up much picnic-related imagery for me, surprisingly! Which I take as a sign of successfully styled outfit.

▲my• said...

You are so well dressed Dillon! I am jealous.

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